Friday, 22 July 2011

Cheaper alternative to Moroccan Oil

Hello Lovelies
Today's post follows on from my post earlier on in the week when I showed you my favourite hair products. I mentioned Moroccan Oil which at £15 for 25ml is pretty pricey. To be perfectly honest the Moroccan oil just didn't cut the mustard with me. Like I previously mentioned, my hair is very thick and course and some products can be really heavy on my hair despite it's thick texture. This was the case with the Moroccan oil. 

Today at the hairdressers I picked up what I believe is way way way better than Moroccan oil for a cheaper price.

Mythic Oil by L'oreal professionnel is a fairly new product on the market. My hairdresser first used this around two months ago and I was always amazed at how soft it made my hair feel with out making it feel weighed down. I finally bought some today and I couldn't wait to show you all! 

Prices can range from £11.95 to £14 for 125ml which is amazing in comparison to the Moroccan oil. 
If you have hair like mine or just want to treat your locks then I would definitely recomend this!

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  1. I was going to buy the morrocan oil the other day from the hairdressers but then she told me how much it was for a tiny bottle! I will deffo be looking out for this one , especially as I have really thick hair aswell ! xx

  2. I've always wanted to try morrocan oil but the price has put me off, will deffo be on the lookout for this, fab post x


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