Tuesday, 14 September 2010

When the Weather Wont Make its mind up

Don't you just hate it when the weather wont make its mind up.
Over the past 3 days Iv been dressed for winter,summer and winter again!
I thought i would share a few pictures with you!


I popped into town before i was at work and the weather wasn't fantastic!

Black Leather Jacket - H & M
Black and White Jumper - H & M
Jeans - New Look
Scarf- Miss Selfridge
Bag- H & M


Sunday was summer time!! Me and My friend were going to an "accoustic gathering" in a local park. Lots of local performers perform and basically you take booze and chill!

                                       My flowery dress/top is from Republic and cost £5 in the January sale. I get tons of wear out of it because you can wear it in winter and summer. Like most items in my wardrobe i like them to be able to take me through the seasons. Team it with black leggings and a black cardigan and i was good to go!

My Bracelets were a miss mash from primark h & M and the one at the far right is from Egypt. I bought it in the dessert from a woman who makes them herself! I wish i had got a couple more as they worked out at 50p!

I normally stick to small earrings for the day, but i found these ones from Topshop that i have hardly worn so decided to wear them!

Quick Face of the day:
Mac Studio Fix Fluid
Mac Msf Natural
Nars laguna
Lots of mascara and eyeliner
Mac Chatterbox Lipstick!

This is a picture of the stage,the musicians were chauffed across the lake by boat. There are also some dragon boats you can rent, which we did. I decided i wanted to pedal and i now have bruises on my back!

A great day was had by all!


I was rather hungover and the weather certainly didn't help my mood. The sky was very grey and it was an awful wet day!!! I went to meet my friend for a long lunch and had to wrap up against the gale forced winds!

                                                             (sorry for the awful photo)
I basically wore the same top and jacket as from Saturday. I teamed them with jeggings and a chunky scarf from primark..i had been dieing to wear this scarf for ages and it was so snug and warm.

So today is Tuesday and its really sunny! I hate September as its no longer summer but not yet Autumn..a really confusing month for my wardrobe!

Hope you all had a great weekend



  1. I wish it would just decide to be autumn and stick to it, argh, very annoying! Love all your outfits and make up looks gorge x

  2. The weather is so frustrating when it's like that!
    All your outfits are fab :)

  3. I have been saying this all day about the weather! I hate this time of year, i'd rather it just be summer or winter.

    Your outfits all look beaut =)

  4. Love that flowery dress top! I agree - what is going on with the weather?! I went to London today just with a suit jacket, no coat, and a brolly (and obviously other clothes) - I was freezing at lunch time, but boiling on the way home! xx

  5. i'm feeling exactly the same! i wish the weather would just make its mind up! i'll look silly wearing sandals when it's raining and miserable but look even more silly in ugg's when it's not cold! gahh! maybe an excuse to go shopping? :p

    lovely blog :)
    sarahbox04.blogspot.com xx

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  7. you're so right about the weather, its awful. The other day I was looking for nice snuggy jumpers and warm winter coats and then today I was checking out the floral skirts and sporting just a T shirt when I have been wearing cardys, chunky scarves etc for ages. I love this post it's so funny :) love your blog :D




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