Wednesday, 4 February 2015

January Favourites

January. Possibly the most depressing month of the year is officially over. It hasn't been all doom and gloom though, I've discovered some beauty products that have seen me right during the colder days and nights.

The Make-Up:

At some point during 2014, I rediscovered my first ever high end foundation purchase, and it basically hasn't left my face since. Mac Studio Fix Fluid is the epitome in perfection in my eyes, it can simply do no wrong. It provides the perfect amount of coverage I require and Nc15 is the perfect colour match for me. To warm my complexion up, I've been reaching for The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in shade 002. It provides me with the perfect flush of colour to warm my face up, with no orange tones in sight this shall see me through to the Summer months. For the lips, it's been all about the darker more neutral tones, and Mac Brave has been my shade of choice. Said to be a favourite of Kylie Jenner, it's a great everyday shade. Not strictly a make-up item, but something I consider to be part of my make-up routine, is the Benefit Puff Off!* which I reviewed in more detail here. Keeping in theme with the eyes, and considering I've only had it a few days, I had to give an honourable mention to Benefit's new mascara, Roller Lash*. As a firm believer that They're Real is the best thing since sliced bread, I wasn't sure if this would live up to it predecessor. But WOW, Benefit have really outdone themselves with this one. I posted a picture of my lashes with it on on my Instagram, so click here to see it in action.

The Skincare:

Two new discoveries this month, come from The Body Shop. A brand that really can't do much wrong in my eyes. I managed to tear myself away from my beloved Camomile oil cleanser, to try their new offering, their Softening Cleansing Gel Oil. I adore oil cleansers, and this is no different. It removes my make-up and leaves my skin soft, cleansed and radiant. For a pick me up treat, I've been enjoying using their Warming Mineral Mask. A clay based mask that cleanses right down into the pores leaving your skin feeling nourished and clean.

I'd love to know what you've been loving this month, and if we share any favourites.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Puff Off with Benefit

To me, Benefit always seems to combine imaginative packaging with products that I just can't live without. Their new release is no different...introducing your new best friend in ironing out your puffy eyes and awaking your peepers like you never thought possible.

January is most definitely the month we all attempt to reinvent ourselves, as a more health conscious version of ourselves. New years resolution of getting more sleep not lasting? Puffy, creased eyes as a result that need reviving? Then look no further, Benefit has your back with their adorably packaged Puff Off! *eye gel.

I've been putting this to the test over the past few weeks and I'm happy to report that this is now a product I don't want to be without. I've found this to be a product that does a bit of everything in the eye area, cutting down on the need for an army of products to look half awake before I roll into the office. Not only does it brighten, it de-puffs and smooths over the eye area leaving a smooth surface for make-up to be applied onto. The first time I used it, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I did my usual routine of shower, moisturiser, then applied the eye gel and popped down to make a coffee while it all soaked in. When I felt my under eye area it felt so smooth, I actually couldn't believe it.

Some might feel the packaging is gimmiky, and you're right, but it's also wonderfully functional too. The iron head applicator is metal and so acts as a cooling treat to your eyes to really cool and help de-puff the eye area. Genius!

If you fancy trying this yourself, then you now get your mitts on it from any Benefit stockist.

Let me know your thoughts on the new release from Benefit.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

A New Chapter...

Well, it literally feels like a lifetime ago I sat down to blog. Since my last post, life has been pretty full on hence the radio silence. To cut a long story short, life has been pretty full on of late. Andy and I both got new jobs, we got engaged in the most magical setting of Barcelona which I blogged about here, and we finally got to turn a house into a home by getting our feet firmly on the property ladder. Needless to say, our weekends have been consumed with endless trips to Next at Home, Dunelm Mill and B & Q but this evening I got this overwhelming urge to blog, so I thought I would share my favourite spots of our home together.

I have so many posts lined up, some beauty, some lifestyle and maybe even a wedding post thrown in for good measure.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

The One Where We Went To Barcelona

This July, Andy and I celebrated 6 years together. Around the time of our anniversary he informed me he had a surprise planned and more details were to follow. A few weeks ago he told me to book certain days off work and remained tight lipped. Then two days before we were due to go away he dropped a hint saying we were actually leaving a day early and flying to our destination. Upon arrival at the airport I found out we were going to Barcelona, a place that had always been on my list of places to visit. I still had no idea where we were staying until we pulled up outside the Crowne Plaza. We went to check-in, only for me to find out he had booked us into a VIP room giving us full access to club lounge where there is an abundance of snacks and drinks to help yourself to.
Barcelona is simply amazing, with so much to see and do. We sampled many tapas places and drank lots of sangria.

However it was on the last night when the big surprise really came. Andy suggested we went out for dinner and then visit the Magic Fountains to witness an amazing show that combines water, drama and music. Towards the end of the show, the most surreal, beautiful moment came:

Andy asked a bystander to take our photo, so we posed and as I walked away he grabbed my hand, I looked down to see him on one knee and he popped the question. I glanced over at the lady taking our photo, she was in tears and her partner was jumping in the air. We were then met with a round of applause and cheers from the hundreds of people watching the show. A truly magical moment I will never forget. Barcelona, you were amazing and will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Enjoying working out?

Exercise. The dreaded E word, at least for me anyway. I'm not one of those who was born to work out, wear sweat pants and go for a run on the gloomiest of days. At school I used to suddenly have an unexplained tummy bug every P.E lesson and even now, when someone mentions Hockey I get flash backs of wearing shorts and a t shirt in the snow and my teacher blowing her whistle at me and telling me to get a move on. So you could say, I'm not one for exercise. I've never really had any issues about my weight, sure I'd love to be more toned but I really lack the self motivation to do sit ups instead of vegging out with a take away watching Eastenders.

I've been working in an office for the past 18 months, and if you work in an office you know it's always someones birthday, which means there is always cake working it's way round the room and you probably know you spend a good 8 hours of the day sat on your bum. All of this combined can mean the weight starts to creep on and before you know it, you're struggling to do your jeans up blaming the tumble dryer for shrinking them. A few months ago, something snapped in my head and I realised I needed to get active. We have a small gym at my work so I joined it, went a few times a week but never really saw a difference. I munched on salad everyday and before long, the thought of going to the gym after work filled me with dread. 

Then one evening while sat in Pizza Hut sharing a stuffed crust pizza with a friend, she suggested joining a bootcamp (the irony) and for some reason I jumped at the chance. Fast forward a month, I survived and absolutely loved every single moment, granted at the time I thought I was going to die but upon reflection it was an absolute blast!

I'm now going to share some photos, that really are not me at my best but we're all friends here, right?

I'm not going to lie, it was the most challenging month of my life. I was nearly in tears after the first session and numerous times I came close to throwing up because it was so intense. I experienced pain in places I never knew existed, walked funny for most of the month and surprised myself at every session. For the entire month I stuck to a pretty strict food plan and was determined to see some form of result. After the last session, I measured myself and was astounded to see I had lost 40 cm across my whole body! This is probably the most I have ever lost in my life and I was super proud of myself. Now it's over, I feel there is a void in my life, so we've signed up for another month! 

The message here, is that even if you think you can't do something, dig deep and do it! You won't regret it!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

My Summer Lip Colour

It's been a while since I bought a new MAC lipstick, but as the Summer months drew in I was craving something that said to Summer to me, and for me, that came in the form of MAC's Coral Bliss.

When this time of year rolls around, I always tend to lean towards the peachy hues, and this offering from MAC has not left my lips since I purchased it. As a creamsheen formula, MAC Coral Bliss offers the perfect amount of moisture, my only gripe is that I wish it lasted a touch longer on the lips, but we can't have everything can we?

What's your Summer go to lipstick?

Monday, 7 July 2014

A little life update..

One of the great things about having your own little space on the internet, is that it gives you the chance to document parts of your life enabling you to look back in years to come. I often read earlier posts on Charlotte's Obsessions, and aside from cringing at my make-up choice it's great to see where you were a few years ago. That being said, I feel I have been fairly withdrawn from the blogging world over the past 18 months or so, so I thought I'd do a little update as things are looking positive for us.

In the July of 2012, I graduated from University with little understanding of where I wanted life to take me. Andy still had a year left at University so I embarked on a year of living in limbo. Pre university, and during I worked at Pizza Hut (which is where Andy and I actually met), after University I found myself being a full time hutter, not exactly the career I had in mind. Fast forward several months, I landed a job in the digital marketing industry which believe me, during my Educational Studies degree I never thought that would be where I ended up.

Then, last Summer, Andy graduated with a high first class honours degree and I literally could not of been prouder. Life then got messy, we had no idea where or what we wanted to do, living in a seaside town with limited opportunities was hard and Andy was getting knocked back from various jobs so we had to rely on him working full time at the hut. Last October, we made the decision to move in with his parents so we could save some money so that if we decided to up sticks and move, we could. The older you get the more you realise how life revolves around money. We're incredibly grateful for having the chance to live with them and get on our feet.

Two weeks ago, we received some incredible news, something that was set to change everything and give us direction. 12 months after graduating, Andy has landed a job that is full of promising opportunities for him and for the first time, it means we have some direction as to where our life's are potentially heading. (There has been a lot of consumption of the below lately, not that I'm complaining)

At the end of this month, we'll celebrate six years together. Don't get me wrong, they've not all been perfect but I wouldn't swap a single day because each argument and smile has brought us to where we are today. I'm a typical "the glass is half empty" kind of person, but for the first time in a while, the glass is half full and that's pretty exciting.

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